‘This is my hope — that we live in peace with one another’

Not everybody has the strength or capacity to hold the greater/larger picture of the Earth. Not everyone has a big enough heart to encompass the vast amount of pain that Israel is inflicting.

The people who are being killed are my brothers, sisters, and children. We are of one flesh, one being, one life.

The children who have lost their short lives or have been maimed or wounded by the bombs, shootings, and rough treatment are the saddest loss, for they represent the future gone too soon.

The people who are killing, maiming, and destroying homes, stores, water, air, earth have to have their hearts hardened. To them, we send love and hope that this love will pierce their hearts so they wake up from the trance they are in. Wake up, and stop the violence.

To those in the community who remain silent, I send an urgent note to voice their concerns.

If we all were speaking out at once, maybe Biden would hear from this "democracy," from the people who have gotten him elected, from the very core of the idea of equal rights for humanity.

This is my hope for the present and future - that we live in peace with one another.

We have tried to awaken the community, the country, with our voices raised and our banners held high; we have wept for the people of Gaza and the West Bank; we have wept for the people of Israel who have been killed.

I weep for the human race and the loss of humanity by these violent and final choices some of us are making.

It is a sad lesson on how to resolve conflict and share the wealth of the Earth and one another.

No one is safe unless we are all safe.

Robyn Flatley


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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