No wonder we are a sick, frightened nation

Vida King perpetuates the myth that masking prevents the spread of virus and other unseen pathogens.

Viruses, smaller than bacteria, are by definition microbes and not visible to the naked eye or under an ordinary microscope. Viruses are only visible under an electron microscope.

I'm wondering how writer Vida King expects a mere mask to prevent the spread of viruses.

Ms. King also seems to think that individuals have the power to keep their neighbor's body healthy. In reality, your immune system only works to protect you. But your immune system, which mostly resides in your gut, requires care. Drugs (legal or illegal), alcohol, and standard American diet/lifestyle destroy one's immune response.

No wonder we are a sick, frightened nation. Who do you know who is not taking a medication (including vaccines)?

Regarding the article's subtitle: "Covid is back with a vengeance. Masking is an intelligent, adaptive, compassionate practice." Says who?

Are The Commons editors planning on presenting opposing viewpoints? If two or more viewpoints had been published side by side, the readership would understand that The Commons is promoting thoughtful consideration, not just paraphrasing government rhetoric.

As for me, a person with health issues related to our toxic environment, I continue to show my face in public. You can read my point of view in The Commons, Nov. 17, 2021, "A respiratory therapist speaks out about masks."

Betsy Thomason

West Townshend

This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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