Case: A voice for all people

As a teacher in town, I usually eschew airing my political beliefs to the community for obvious reasons. Usually there are vested interests skewing the endorsements or, at the worst, occasions of mud-slinging against people who don't align with one's own political ideologies.

I would like to purposefully put my "off the record" practices aside to proudly endorse a candidate running for a seat on the Brattleboro Selectboard: Peter "Fish" Case.

I have had the pleasure of personally knowing Fish (as my neighbor) here in town for the past eight years. He is perhaps the literal answer to the problems that have been plaguing this community.

Regardless of your placement on the political spectrum, Fish is a person who will fight for you as a citizen of our hometown.

He bridges the spectrum of political bias by being an active part of our community. Not only is he a local business owner, but he is also a radio personality and a writer for a local paper.

He constantly strives to meet with every member of the community and to honestly listen to their queries and issues in order to make our town a better place. I could list the myriad accomplishments and accolades that he could flaunt, but I am sure that many of you know what he has done for our town already.

The thing that I love best about Fish is that he never has a pre-existing opinion that will cloud his decisions. He makes a point to listen to everybody and give all people a voice.

At a critical time of restructuring in our town, this trait is a necessity and a boon to the spectrum of different members of our community. Whether you feel that his political ideals align with your own, I promise you that he will do his due diligence to give everyone a voice and fight for all of the people of Brattleboro.

J. Tobias Moore


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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