Vote for two!

Misprint identified on Dummerston ballot for WSESD board election

During the Feb. 26 candidates' forum for the Windham Southeast School District (WSESD) board of directors, Moderator Cindy Jerome realized the Dummerston ballot includes an error.

There should be direction on each town's ballot to vote for "not more than two" for the three-year seat as Brattleboro representative. It was printed as "not more than one" on the Dummerston ballot.

Voters in all WSESD member towns vote on all candidates, whether they represent their specific towns.

There are three candidates for that seat, and voters should choose two of them on their ballots.

Dummerston Town Clerk Laurie Frechette has sought advice from the Office of the Secretary of State and town counsel.

She said that on election day on Tuesday, March 5, she will distribute notices to each voter, instructing them to vote for two people in that race, contrary to the misprint. Notices will be posted in voting booths as well.

Each of the town's 106 voters who requested early ballots are being notified and a "supplemental" ballot for that race will be sent to them.

The sample ballot on the town website is also being corrected.

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