Avoiding civil war, starting at home

PORTLAND, MAINE-Nicely written piece. I don't know that you can do more than that.

One of my neighbors is a huge Trump supporter. We hadn't spoken since the Jan 6th debacle. However, it seems this division that's being caused by political leaders and groups is aimed at dividing us and possibly bringing us into civil war. So . . . I went to speak with him recently. As much as we disagree on almost every issue, I told him I knew he was a good person, he's a great neighbor and would do anything for anyone in need. But when it comes to politics forget it.

So, how about we come together there. Agree we're both good people but have very different beliefs. We shook hands and at least now we can say hi to each other.

The difference it will make is that no matter who gets elected we will not be hating on each other.

I know he thinks what he's doing is the best thing for our future. I think it's horrible and will result in terrible consequences. He thinks what I believe is the worst thing for our future.

But, disagree as we do, we will not have a civil war on our street.

Thanks for doing what you do.

Chris Newcomb

Portland, Maine

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