Where do ticks hang out?

BRATTLEBORO — Deer ticks live in wooded, brushy areas, as well as rock walls and woodpiles - habitats that provide the shelter and humidity that ticks need to survive.

Exposure to ticks may be greatest in the woods (especially along trails) and in the fringe area between the woods and border. Bushes act like tick elevators, as deer ticks search for hosts from the tips of grasses and shrubs, not from trees.

Generally, ticks attach to a person or animal near ground level. Deer ticks crawl; they do not jump or fly. They grab onto people or animals that brush against vegetation they are sitting on, and then upward. Pets can also bring them inside.

There are measures you can take to reduce the number of ticks around your home. In general, drier conditions mean fewer deer ticks. Keep lawns mowed, brush trimmed, and leaf litter, wood, and rock piles away from your home. Tuck your pant legs into your socks and wear light colored clothing to allow for better identification of ticks. Check yourself, and then check yourself again. Don't forget those harder to see places, as ticks love the groin area.

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