Public banking: A means to lead change

PUTNEY — Thank you for publishing my letter “How can we get the federal government to behave differently?” [Letters, Feb. 15], but the heading is a mismatch to my intention. Instead “How can we lead change” might have been better.

Across the globe, the call of the protests should be focused on one simple command: public banking. That means that we, the people, must claim the right to dictate what credit is created for what purposes.

Sanders, Welch, Leahy, and Shumlin must be pressed hard to introduce or pass bills that call for democratic integration of finance.

We, the people, must press our elective officials to make public banking a democratic right of all people. No other chains bind us so tightly as our use and need of money. The way money is spent is how actions are taken: if money is created for war or “defense,” then we have war. If money is created for renewable energy, then we have independence with individual and regional freedom.

We the people can have a monetary policy that serves the greater good, as soon as we understand that control of monetary policy should be moved to the public.

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