Many caring interactions on Landmark campus

WESTMINSTER WEST — This is in reference to commentary from Susie Crowther in a recent edition of The Commons [“Plan A,” Viewpoint, April 25].

Readers who live in Vermont can form their own opinions about her views on our state, but since not everyone is familiar with Landmark College, I feel compelled to speak up in regards to her remarks.

Susie indicates that those who work at Landmark are never to ask if a student is happy. As a member of the faculty for about seven years, I've heard no such mandate, nor are there covert or implicit messages to that effect.

On the contrary, the faculty and staff at Landmark are remarkably invested in the well-being of our students. Every day, I hear from colleagues who are working with thoughtful, dedicated commitment, often teaming up to support students.

This support extends beyond academics to the overall health of these students (for both concepts are interwoven); this is inherent in the work we do. There are many thriving, caring relationships on campus, and if a student needs additional support, counseling is available to all.

Of course, there are some students for whom Landmark is not a fit; that's true at any college. Attend any Landmark graduation, and it will become clear that Landmark is no diploma factory. Each student who wishes to has a chance to speak at the podium.

The hankies come out amidst tears, giggles, exultant shouts .... and happiness.

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