Another approach to solar energy

PUTNEY — RE: “Here Comes The Sun” [Letters, Aug. 15]:

I agree with John Wilmerding's sentiment that we need to move toward renewable energy, and for everyone else out there who also agrees, I would like to offer an avenue to do so.

A 150-kilowatt solar collective is being organized by Putney-based SunFarm and built by Brattleboro-based Integrated Solar. The collective offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to lease shares of a photovoltaic field for a 20-year period.

Each kilowatt-hour produced by the shares is credited directly to a shareholder's utility bill. Over the life of the project, the total savings will be greater than the initial outlay.

Anyone can participate for a small investment of a few hundred dollars. The solar collective allows those who previously could not invest in solar due to location, or lack of capital, to do so. It also allows renters to participate because the lease is tied to a utility bill rather than a location, and is fully transferable.

Because the field is large, the price per watt is less than that of a home system.

For more information visit www.SunFarmVT.com, email [email protected], or call 802-536-4471.

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