State representative lists three challenges for the coming session

WARDSBORO — Thank you to all who supported me in my reelection, and I look forward to representing everyone in the Windham-Bennington district.

As we approach the new biennium in January, we face three major challenges:

• Irene long-term recovery. Following our initial handling of the crisis, that gave us good reason to be proud as Vermonters, we need to continue working with FEMA for the funding that we in good faith have planned upon.

• Economic development with livable-wage jobs. We need to expand the economy through increased structural and electronic infrastructure, decreased property tax dependency with accountable education spending, entrepreneurial support, workforce training and housing, and a small-business-friendly state bank.

• Reinforced essential programs. Through the creation of a people's budget and fair taxation, we need to strengthen programs that serve all Vermonters, including the low-income, young, elderly and disabled.

Please contact me at 58 Hi-Hopes Rd., Wardsboro, Vt., 05355, at 802-896-9408, or at [email protected].

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