‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ kicks off Winter Sunshine Series at Sandglass

PUTNEY — Crabgrass Puppet Theatre presents its newest production, Jack and the Beanstalk, at Sandglass Theater in Putney on Saturday, Jan. 12.

This retelling of the tallest of tall tales is loaded with laughs. The stage houses a life-sized cow, a mysterious Funny Little Man, and Jack's ever-patient mom. And that's just at ground level.

Once Jack finally tracks down his oft-disappearing cow and trades her for some magical juggling beans, he returns to his mother triumphantly only to find her nonplussed. “I can't believe you fell for the old magic bean routine,” she sighs. “Throw them out right now and go to bed.”

But Jack plants the beans and, that night, dreams of a giant beanstalk. And what happens next...

Crabgrass Puppet Theatre's innovative production of Jack and the Beanstalk is a feast for the eyes and ears, with a stunning stage, big and beautiful puppets, a rhyme-spouting giant, a marvelous, growing beanstalk, and a delightful musical score.

Jamie Keithline and Bonny Hall of Halifax formed Crabgrass Puppet Theatre in San Francisco in 1982, and have delighted audiences with their whimsy and puppetry ever since.

Jack and the Beanstalk kicks off Sandglass's 2013 Winter Sunshine Series of Family Performances. The series continues Feb. 2 with Brad Shur of the Puppet Showplace Theater's performance of The Magic Soup and Other Stories.

On Feb. 23, Jim Napolitano of Nappy's Puppets presents Shadows Around the World. On March 16, Magical Moonshine Theatre comes all the way from California to perform Tales of Br'er Rabbit. And Sandglass Theater's own Ines Zeller Bass returns April 6 to close out the series with Isidor's Cheek.

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