A P.S. on hospitality and parking

BRATTLEBORO — A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter complaining about the lack of signage in downtown Brattleboro that would aid motorists seeking to park their cars [Letters, March 6]. I wanted to express my frustration, but I did not offer any real solution.

Soon after I wrote the letter, I went to Salem, Mass., and was greeted by a bright yellow sticker on the parking meter that did several things. What I noticed first is that it welcomed me to Salem.

Then it went on to explain the cost per hour for parking, the hours of operation, and the maximum amount of time to park. It even explained how long you can park if the meter is broken.

And last, but not least, it stated Sundays and holidays are free. All this on one simple, yellow sticker affixed to the meter.

I hope the town of Brattleboro will seek a similar simple solution like this.

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