Theatre Adventure troupe presents ‘The Jungle Book’

BRATTLEBORO — The Jungle Book is a tale about belonging. Mowgli, the man-cub, defies all odds in the jungles of India amongst his fellow forest-dwellers.

Theatre Adventure has created an original adaptation from Kipling's nearly 120-year-old tale of adventure and belonging in the jungles of India. The writers have emphasized themes of family, home, and acceptance for their special performance. Theatre Adventure actors create theater that turns traditional roles upside down, presents a fresh take on familiar stories, and challenges audiences to open their thinking and in the process of doing so, delight in the unexpected.

With Indian music, inventive costuming, creative movement, skillful acting, and masterful use of space and lights, the Main Hall of the West Village Meeting House in West Brattleboro will be transformed into an environment that will look, sound, and feel like India, using the power of theater to take audiences to vivid imaginary places.

Performances are Thursday, May 9, and Friday, May 10, at 10:30 a.m. at West Village Meeting House. Tickets for these performances are $9 general admission. Tickets may be purchased in advance at, at the NEYT Box Office in person, or by phone at 802-246-6398.

West Village Meeting House is an accessible theater, with accommodations for wheelchairs. Both performances will be ASL interpreted.

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