VY proves that it’s a good neighbor

They say that money talks, baloney walks. (Well “they” don't actually say “baloney,” but this is a family newspaper.)

Vermont Yankee has a track record of being a good neighbor: it pays its bills on time, supports the community, and provides jobs. Vermont Yankee's handling of its property tax bill is a perfect example of a good corporate neighbor walking the walk.

The Vernon Selectboard admitted that, with the state of Vermont desperately trying to shut the plant down, Vermont Yankee could argue that its property-tax value has declined dramatically.

Did Vermont Yankee, therefore, try to nickel and dime its neighbors with a lowball offer? No.

Vermont Yankee came to the Vernon Selectboard and said, “just renew last year's deal.” That deal pays out about $1.3 million in taxes.

As plant spokesperson Jim Sinclair said, “extending the existing agreement was the right thing to do.”

Say what you want. Vermont Yankee is a good neighbor, demonstrated once again in these economic times.

You can't ask much better than that.

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