Let's keep facts real regarding traffic safety

TOWNSHEND — RE: “Slow down for safety's sake,” [Letters, June 26]:

Susan Avery describes a faked “accident.” (To alarm people?) I hope her contrived scenario isn't realized, but there are real events that need exposure.

Yes, there are speeders, but that's only half of the reality.

Yes, speed kills, but ignorant people can maim or kill themselves and others without speeding.

Brattleboro's heavy street traffic eliminates “speeding.” The bigger problem is the way people jump into the streets without looking - many times suddenly in front of me - seemingly daring you to hit them.

Most vehicles have good brakes, and most drivers have good reaction times, but driving in Brattleboro, you need three pairs of eyes to look forward, sideways, and the rear at the same time, as well as an intuition for trouble anywhere.

On the highways, many bicyclists are a danger to motorists, pedaling erratically and not caring about traffic. I have had to stop suddenly behind them (and joggers, too) in traffic. I've seen vehicles have to suddenly swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid errant bikers.

I pay many taxes, permit fees, and insurance bills for road use. Why shouldn't bikers be financially responsible and ticketed for reckless self-endangerment?

I've driven for 56 years (non-professionally) and have logged more than two million miles in 49 states and seven Canadian provinces without any incident or traffic ticket. It's not luck, it's being aware.

But all it takes is one stupid, erratic idiot to flush my record down the toilet and ruin lives.

Police can't maintain a utopian world. People have to be accountable for themselves and think. Too many people lack respect for others, have no common sense, and want others to be responsible for them.

Out of a concern for my motoring well-being, I won't travel through Brattleboro unless I absolutely have to.

Some advice for Ms. Avery: Walking-path areas are available. If there's not one in your immediate area, you should drive to one and be safe. I know people who do just that.

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