Bay Ridge has been, and will always be, a melting pot

RE: “We'll always have old Brooklyn in us” [Letters, Aug. 7]:

I was born, raised, and still live here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, 11209. And we're all still here.

Our streets are still, as The New York Times said, as “polyglot and panethnic” as they always were. Bay Ridge maintains a sizable Irish, Italian, and Greek population, but like other areas in south Brooklyn, late in the 20th century, it saw an influx of Russian, Polish, and Lebanese, and lesser numbers of Chinese. Our Middle Eastern and Arab communities are growing as well.

So I beg to differ with your brother's missive. While there would be nothing wrong with Bay Ridge becoming “entirely Asian,” it is hard to believe Bay Ridge will ever become entirely anything.

It will always be a melting pot.

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