Board unanimously votes to change rules for DRB, Planning Commission

Bylaws create paradox for review board as it tries to fill a vacancy

DUMMERSTON — The Selectboard voted unanimously Oct. 2 to ask the Planning Commission to amend its bylaws to strike a requirement that calls for a member of the Planning Commission to serve on the Development Review Board and vice-versa.

The change comes at the request of DRB chair Jack Lilly, who forwarded a letter of interest from Alan McBean to serve on the DRB as an alternate.

The Planning Commission has a full roster, so there wouldn't be any way to accommodate a new dual member.

“Jack's thought was that we make an exception,” began Selectboard Chair Zeke Goodband - and here Lewis White, Selectboard vice-chair, chuckled: “Here's a DRB member trying to make an exception to a [rule]. ..” - “that we make an appointment so they have a full slate.”

Goodband said he supported the idea.

“I really still don't see the need to have somebody on both, and I'd prefer not have somebody on both. I'd rather have a DRB and a Planning Commission,” he said.

The DRB was established to provide a consolidated review of development applications and to replace the Zoning Board of Adjustment, all as specified in the 2005 changes to the Dummerston Zoning Bylaw.

Current DRB members are Lew Sorenson, Jack Lilly, Sam Griffis, Hugh Worden, Patty Walior, and Steve Jarosak (alternate).

The five volunteer DRB members are appointed by the Selectboard to staggered three-year terms; two alternates are appointed to help ensure that there will always be five members to participate in proceedings.

Steve Glabach moved to authorize Goodband to contact the Planning Commission and request that the zoning bylaw be amended. Joe Cook seconded the motion; it passed 5-0.

The DRB meets at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month. Special meetings are scheduled as necessary.

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