Rec Board adds new members, gets OK to buy new soccer gear

DUMMERSTON — On a motion from Lewis White, seconded by Steve Glabach, the Selectboard voted 5-0 to appoint Melanie Chamberlin to the Recreation Board.

At the same Oct. 2 meeting, the Selectboard voted 4-1 to approve a request from Sarah Evans on the Recreation Board to purchase soccer supplies.

The request covers shirts, gloves, boards, mouth guards, training markers, agility ladders, whistles, heavy-duty equipment bags, and cones.

On that vote, White, who coaches a rec soccer team, was the dissenting voice.

“We've got plenty of balls, we've got a good net. It's nice to have new stuff all the time, but the 10, 15 balls that we're using, they all look brand new to me. There's one that looks used. I just see a lot of money gonna start going out,” he said.

The Recreation Board organizes a variety of athletic activities and programs for all ages.

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