Who celebrates misfortune and hardship of others?

WEST BRATTLEBORO — RE: “On joy and justice” [Viewpoint, Sept. 4]:

What kind of diabolical mind celebrates the misfortune and hardship of others? Most definitely not one concerned with “justice.”

The truth is, the closing of Vermont Yankee will cause hardship for hundreds of families. Lives will be disrupted, careers destroyed, children will be uprooted from familiar surroundings and forced to go on the road while their families seek other work, and honest and hardworking people will lose jobs for which they have been highly trained and educated.

That there are those who would celebrate such misfortune and hardship simply shows the depths of depravity the human spirit can reach.

And, if there is any sense of “justice,” those who find pleasure in the hardship of others should certainly face the harshest judgment.

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