Only people are people

That is not the question. The question is whether organizations large or small should have the same voice and influence as individual people. In a world where money and political access dominate and where the institutions they control have the power and influence to disinform and misinform, there has to be a return to balance.

Only people are people - corporations, unions, churches, and other such entities are not.

Although our founding fathers were only people and susceptible to mistakes in judgement, collectively they did a pretty good job of charting a rational path for our country.

Unfortunately, over time, sharp people figured out ways to pervert the founders' thoughts and words, and they led us into the sorry, greed-dominated state we are in.

Shouldn't corporations have the same rights as unions? Absolutely - yes.

But they should have only the limited rights required to be able to do business, and even then only if they operate for the common good. Their status should be granted for a limited time and be renewable only at the public's pleasure. Their size and scope should be severely limited to limit their ability to infringe on the rights and well-being of ordinary Americans. They must never have the rights our forefathers reserved for people!

As Robert Reich said, “I'll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

Any truly open-minded, clear-thinking person can't help but see that it isn't the power of ordinary Americans that is decimating our country. It is the hugely disproportionate power and influence of an exceedingly small minority who have manipulated the media, our legal system, and our lawmakers to do their bidding that prove how true his comments are.

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