Pace is picking up on I-91 bridge replacement project

BRATTLEBORO — Work has begun in earnest on a project to replace two existing bridges on Interstate 91 with a single, four-lane structure that will accommodate both northbound and southbound traffic.

Northbound I-91 traffic has been relocated to one of the lanes on the southbound bridge. This will continue until the existing northbound bridge is demolished.

Once the northbound bridge is demolished and the new bridge has been constructed, traffic will be rerouted to the new bridge while the southbound bridge is demolished.

Throughout this process, traffic will be reduced to a single lane in each direction on I-91 until the project wraps up in fall 2015.

The speed limit on Route 30 near the work zone has been reduced to 40 miles per hour. This reduction will remain in effect through August 2016.

The project website,, includes live video 24/7 of traffic conditions in the construction zone from several locations, and depicts the messages posted on the project's portable signs.

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