Peyton: For sustainable and healthy local economics

PUTNEY — I am seeking the position of governor to enable the work of our nonprofits around the state, from whom I will be staffing my administration.

My work with Vermonters for New Economy and the Vermont Public Banking Group will help us circulate money in the state in a more far-reaching manner, so that there will be enough money for our people to engage in our economy.

I urge people to write in my name in the Aug. 26 primary election if you take a party ballot other than Republican. I am an independent, as I believe all leaders should be but, as many already know, the adversarial party system is not working wonders for our present situation and is proving to be quite alarming for our future.

I see efficient and effective use of tax money as important to everyone, not just Republicans, and I see going fossil-fuel free and organic with greater food independence as important to the health and security of our future.

If you do me the courtesy of electing me as your governor, I will serve you as a servant dedicated to the health and well- being of us all, for we are all interconnected. In my decisions, I won't be beholden to one group of businesses, nor will I look to increase my financial portfolio through my elected position. Instead, I will be looking to strengthen the work of our nonprofits, our network of small businesses, and farms, and to increase the number of cooperatives.

My vision is quite clear, and the road map I furnish is detailed; if you see fit to elect me, we will begin to renew democracy together.

Together, we'll establish healthy local economics as our sustainable method of governance. It's up to us to make the impossible possible.

Please come with me. It's time we own our future together and stop giving it away to insensitive corporations and the politicians they support.

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