Cherie Keeler Moran is Wardsboro’s Library’s Artist of the Month

Cherie Keeler Moran is Wardsboro’s Library’s Artist of the Month

WARDSBORO — Since the completion of the renovation of the reception area at the Wardsboro Public Library more than a year ago, the library's Artist of the Month program has grown to become a popular cultural attraction for the community.

The open lobby area near the circulation desk, lit with halogen spotlights of the same type used in art galleries, is ideal for the exhibitions, which highlight the work of a different local artist each month.

The featured artist for September is Wardsboro resident Cherie Keeler-Moran.

“Watercolor is a medium that has always intrigued me,” she says of her principal medium. “I marvel how artists have portrayed light and shadow in ways that incorporate the transparencies of the pigment and the translucencies of the paper.”

She says she sees a magical quality in their paintings that she was never able to create using oils or acrylics when she studied painting as part of the fabric design curricula at Syracuse University and Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.

Moran will also exhibit a quilt and smaller textiles pieces she's made. The exhibit runs through September. Some of the artworks will be for sale.

The display is open during library hours: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings until 1 p.m., and Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons until 7 p.m.

Moran is a justice of the peace here, where she lives with her husband, state Rep. John Moran, and their Cairn terrier. She works as a registered nurse.

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