Climate Change Café looks at how cars have altered our brains

BRATTLEBORO — Join Dave Cohen at the Climate Change Café on Tuesday, Sept. 23, at 6:30 p.m. at Brooks Memorial Library to explore the difficulties we have in detecting how cars have altered our internal landscapes and transformed our worldviews.

The event is free and open to all. Light refreshments will be available

Cohen's event announcement says the session “will examine some of the ways in which car transportation fundamentally mediates our sensory experience of the ecological and social environments we inhabit, encounter and pass through.”

He also says the group will discuss “the connections between our transportation choices and their influence on the quality of our sensory and emotional attunement to the world and why this is so important to consider in relation to our ability to respond to the immense ecological challenges of our time.”

Cohen is a psychotherapist and an ecopsychologist in Brattleboro who blends body-oriented and mindfulness therapies with approaches that draw on the healing potential of the natural world. He is working with Go Vermont to promote transportation options such as cargo bikes and electrically assisted bikes.

Climate Change Café, a project of Post Oil Solutions, convenes on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except for December) to provide what it says is “a welcoming venue for those concerned about climate change and who want to be actively involved with efforts to both adapt to, and mitigate, this unprecedented crisis.”

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