Balint thanks supporters

BRATTLEBORO — I thank everyone who took the time to vote on Primary Election Day. Whether you cast your vote for me or for one of the other strong candidates in the race, I am grateful for your engagement in the political process. Democracy only works when we fulfill our civic duties.

I also want to express my gratitude to my supporters and all those who worked on my primary campaign. Running for office is a huge project. My success in the primary was due to the many residents around the county who helped.

Although I am so pleased to have been successful in the primary, I understand that our work is not done. But I am hopeful that - with continued hard work and commitment - I will also have a strong showing in the general election and will have the great honor of representing Windham County in Montpelier.

I love this county and want to do my very best to represent the interests of all our area residents.

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