Defeatist, negative outlook on the world

What a defeatist piece laced with unbelievable negativity, lashing out at the very world the author claims “to live a meaningful life caring about the world [he] live[s] in.”

I will agree that sometimes competition brings negative qualities in people to the front (“juicing” in baseball, for instance), but competition is a part of life.

You apply for a job, you compete against other applicants for the position. Same with a promotion, trying to rent or buy a place to live, etc. Being told “no” or passed over a few times absolutely does not mean “game over”; you simply have to try again.

Yes, some people will fall prey to addiction, homelessness, etc., but help is out there; the person in that situation has to choose to accept that help.

I know from personal experience that even a loving network of family and friends cannot help an addict who is not ready to be helped.

The author states that talk about choices is meaningless and asks why so many “choose a different path from the straight and narrow.”

I will ask the opposite question: Why do so many “choose” to live a law-abiding life and then reap a certain amount of personal success because of their choice?

Is this something to resent and be angry about, or is this something that instead should be celebrated and even emulated?

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