Stop talking and support skate park

BRATTLEBORO — If everyone donated $1 for every discussion about the Brattleboro Skate Park, we would have had enough money to build 73,242 skate parks by now.

The time for superfluous discussion is over. The discussion topic of the skate park has been beaten to death. I sincerely think it has been discussed more than Vermont Yankee, the Middle East, and the Champlain Monster combined. It has gotten to the point of gross absurdity. It has become an embarrassment to our community's supposedly progressive reputation.

It is now time to get behind the Memorial Park Skate Park site and donate money.

That's what this project needs - money. Without money, it cannot happen.

So let's put words into action and donate to make the dreams come true for the countless volunteers who have worked so selflessly for the past 10 years to get a skate park here in Brattleboro. More importantly, donate so that people of all ages can have a legal haven to skate in Brattleboro.

The time is now. It's long overdue. It should not take 10 years to be able to build a skate park. The Hoover Dam and the 31-mile English Channel Tunnel didn't even take that long!

That it has been this much of a struggle for our volunteers is tarnishing to our town's reputation and makes Brattleboro look ridiculous to other communities.

However, our community can rectify this reputation by taking action in the form of donation.

Skateboard enthusiasts are a courageous, persevering bunch. How many other volunteers do you know who would endure this much adversity, this many obstacles, and this much naysaying for 3, 5, 10 years? And then, after being continuously knocked down, get up, brush the dirt off, start all over, and keep at it unwaveringly?

The volunteers for the Brattleboro Skate Park should be given medals for their fortitude, passion, and dedication by Congress, the United Nations General Assembly and the Olympics.

I have been an avid skateboarder for nearly 30 years. As a skater, Memorial Park is an ideal site. There is shade, plenty of space, and plenty of parking. It is not very close to residences, it is already a zoned recreational park, there is easy access, and it is an overall fantastic location.

The Selectboard made the right decision on Memorial Park being great for the skate park site.

Make your donation with the same fervor as you have brought to the discussions, and we'll have the skatepark in no time. Donate to the Memorial Park Skate Park by sending a gigantic check to the Brattleboro Recreation & Parks Department.

Talk minus action equals zero. I have faith that we as a community can make this skate park happen and reach a happy ending to this story.

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