Matan Rubenstein performs at Marlboro College

Matan Rubenstein performs at Marlboro College

MARLBORO — Marlboro College presents a concert featuring music written and performed by music faculty member Matan Rubinstein on Sunday, Oct. 26, at 3 p.m. in Ragel Hall of Marlboro's Serkin Performing Arts Center.

The concert features Rubinstein playing selections from his Sada Project composition on piano, accompanied by musicians Wes Brown on bass and Bob Weiner on percussion. The concert is free and open to the public.

The Sada Project is a body of compositions written by Rubinstein released in 2012. These compositions serve as roadmaps and frameworks for improvisers in small-group settings.

Accomplished as both a composer of electronic music and as an improviser, Rubinstein brings a wide range of talents and experiences. He is also a music scholar with a background in music theory and history.

In the classroom, Rubinstein strives to integrate improvisation and performance while giving students a solid background in history and theory - and turning that into practice.

Rubinstein has wide interdisciplinary interests, which he transfers into the classroom and professional life, with a specific interest in dance.

In his words, Rubinstein believes “ideally, musical learning should be grounded in practice. Whether singing species counterpoint, harmonizing melodies at the piano, or conducting one's own compositions, the strongest possible understanding of music comes from doing.”

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