In support of Partridge, Trieber as Windham-3 representatives

BELLOWS FALLS — The elected officials who represent us in the Vermont State Legislature are a critically important aspect of our state government working on our behalf and for the entire populace of the state. These men and women are our voice in developing and maintaining who we as Vermonters strive and claim to be.

The two state representatives from Windham District 3 are Carolyn Partridge and Matt Trieber. Both of these legislators have done an outstanding job as our voice in Montpelier.

They have worked as a team there and at home. They have been accessible to all of the residents of their district regardless of political affiliation, social standing in the community, or amount of wealth or lack thereof to discuss any pending legislation and any other concerns presented by their constituents.

Both adhere to the basic tenets of the Democratic Party, but they are not slaves to the party line. Resolving problems and seeking solutions comes from deep desires to do what is best for us now and into the future, but only after consultation with the citizens in this community and beyond.

They have done an outstanding job as our link to the Statehouse. Because of their work and dedication to the people of Windham District 3, they deserve to be reelected on Nov. 4.

I encourage all of you to get out and exercise your constitutional right at the voting booth.

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