Koch brothers’ money has come to Vermont

PUTNEY — Well, they're here. The Koch brothers have crossed the border into Vermont with their PAC dumping a quarter of a million dollars into Vermont to try and buy elections.

The attack ads have started, funded by this money, and we can only hope that Vermont voters will repudiate the attack on our state.

One can only wonder about the expectations for candidates who take this money: reverse course on our move from fossil fuels and toward a sustainable, cleaner energy future? Attack women and especially their access to health services? Maybe move to limit access to voting, like Texas and other states?

Luckily in our county, such vitriolic election polemics have never taken root, and I hope they never will. But this financial activity does amplify the need to continue looking at campaign finance laws here in Vermont and in Washington, D.C. after this election.

It's clear in many places the Koch brothers' strategy is to discourage people from voting. We can raise our voice against this tactic by getting out and doing just that.

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