Moran: Experience and coalition-building

WARDSBORO — One of my favorite quotes from Rep. John Moran is: “In a national setting where Congress and the Supreme Court appear to have more respect for the personhood of corporations than women, it is with satisfaction that I can be part of our moving forward in Vermont to create a just balance between work and family, and fairness in employment for men and women alike.”

Examining John's accomplishments and his focus points, one can readily see how his actions support this quote, as he consistently looks for ways to enhance the well-being of all Vermonters.

He has worked on equal pay for women, economic development, increasing the minimum wage, and legislation to help local workers and small businesses. He is gearing up to work on education financing in 2015.

I appreciate his balanced approach, such as with the minimum-wage bill, where he makes the point that “you have to have wages that work for workers and for businesses.”

He builds on experience and established relationships with colleagues in Montpelier. As a contrast to the ongoing stalemate in Washington, his approach to working together and building coalitions across party lines is key to getting things done.

Another quote of John's that rings true for me is: “[W]hen I look back, one of the things I'm most proud of is being one of the 100 votes to overturn [then-Gov. Jim Douglas's] veto of the equal marriage bill. Any time I can help expand rights, such as disability rights [or] workers' rights, that's a proud moment for me.”

John's experience and coalition-building make him an effective legislator. He is genuine, dedicated, and truly engaged; these qualities help him be responsive to his constituents.

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