Moran: Look to the future, not the past

Despite the many years I have lived here, it wasn't until John Moran's first term in office that I began to feel we were finally being represented in Montpelier. Since that time, I have come to know John and his dedication to all the people who live in his district.

John is a strong advocate for working families, quality and affordable health care for all, and a keen understanding that working people need to make a livable wage to support their families.

He further understands clearly the issue of small communities and small schools. As a result, he voted against the bill that would have closed or consolidated small schools in rural communities. He is more interested in finding avenues for all schools to be good educational places, be they large or small.

John works diligently to meet the needs of the people in his district. We are well-represented and need to keep the positive momentum.

We cannot continue to focus on the past. We need to elect leaders who are forward-moving and who see the future in a positive light.

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