Stories and songs celebrate the circle of giving and receiving at Yagna Inn

ROCKINGHAM — Yagna Inn, a newly opened space at 61 Williams Rd. for the promotion of cross-cultural understanding, spotlights the true meaning of thanksgiving in indigenous cultures through stories performed by Michael Caduto, an award-winning author, master storyteller, ecologist, and educator.

The name Yagna comes from the ancient Indian ritual of nature worship. During a yagna, offerings are poured into a sacred fire accompanied by chants. According to Yagna Inn's website,, “yagna” is derived from a Sanskrit verb meaning worship, unity, and charity.

Caduto, who will perform from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., chose stories from among the native peoples of North America as participants are introduced to the Circles of Giving and Receiving - the traditional basis for living in balance with Earth and each other. Audience members are invited to sing, chant, and dance.

The afternoon begins with an Indian tea time at 4. Sip Masala chai (spiced Indian tea) or hot chocolate, nibble Indian munchies, and enjoy beautiful Indian classical music performed in a uniquely Vermont style by Bada Raga. Guests will hear sitar, slide guitar, and table in a jugalbandhi format.

Collaborative craft activites are available for children.

The evening culminates in a vegetarian dinner buffet of Indian food from 5:30 to 6:30 catered by the Clay Oven restaurant of Greenfield, Mass.

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