A big favor for a little bird

A big favor for a little bird

On a cold winter day, a chickadee finds some warmth

TOWNSHEND — On Dec. 28, while doing my rounds petsitting, I came upon a chickadee, stunned and fluttering, in a small puddle on the stone doorstep to the house.

I picked up the little bird and put it in the front pocket of my down coat to keep it warm. The little chickadee curled its little feet and never moved.

I continued with my chores, walking the dog and feeding the cats. When I was finished, I put my hand into my pocket to check on the chickadee.

The little bird was not moving, and its eyes were closed.

My heart sank to think the chickadee had died.

I left it in my pocket until I got into my truck, where I put it in the nest I'd made inside my red glove.

* * *

I was driving down the road to my next stop when I heard a little flutter. There looking up at me was the chickadee.

I stopped the truck, opened a bottle of water, and poured a small amount into the cap. The bird took a sip, and I put it back in the glove.

By now it was dark. As I was about to get out of the truck, the little bird came out of the glove into my lap, where it sat for a while. I put it into the tissue box while I walked the dogs.

About 15 minutes later, when I returned to the truck, I was excited to see that it had stayed in the box. I took it out, and it flew to the headrest in the back of the truck, where it stayed until I got home.

* * *

At home, I thought I could put the chickadee into the garage for the night, but it would not let go of my finger. I put the little bird back in my pocket while I went to the chicken house to feed the chickens.

Next, I needed to go to the feed shed to get food for the chickens, and I noticed the chickadee was out of my pocket and clinging to my pants leg.

I picked it up and decided to leave it in the feed shed for the night. It perched by the window. I left it some bird seed and cracked corn.

* * *

The next morning, I ran to the feed shed, and there the chickadee was, sitting in the window. I opened the door and saw that it had eaten the bird seed.

I picked up the little bird and put it on my glove.

Once we were outside, it flew out of my hand and up into the nearby tree, where it watched me for a long time. I went into the chicken coop, and when I came back it had flown higher.

Then it flew to the top of the tree, where I could barely see it. By evening, the little bird was gone.

What a joyous experience on a cold winter day!

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