Entergy, town agree to VY value

Dormant plant assessed at $250 million

VERNON — Entergy and the town have agreed to a property value of $250 million for the recently decommissioned Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant as of April 1.

This figure represents a $30 million decrease from the past tax year, when the plant was still active.

Selectboard Chair Patty O'Donnell believes the current agreement “was a very generous proposal,” and said that Entergy was easy to deal with.

She acknowledged at the Jan. 19 Selectboard meeting that residents can expect taxes to rise, but she promised to do her best in continuing negotiations with the energy corporation.

According to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), decommissioning must take place within 60 years of the closing the plant.

Over that time period, the town will likely see a steady decline in the portion of municipal taxes received from the plant, which means that other taxpayers will be paying a steadily greater share of the municipal tax base.

This past meeting with Entergy representatives was attended by the Selectboard, town listers Carol and Bill Hammond, and several town residents.

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