‘Gimmie Shelter’ concert raises $2,000 for overflow shelter heat

BRATTLEBORO — On a cold, rainy day when icy surfaces kept many people at home, local musicians heated things up in a benefit concert for people who don't have homes.

In spite of the conditions, the adventurous drivers and walkers who came out for “Gimme Shelter” were treated to an amazing concert, and a little over $2,000 was raised to help the First Baptist Church heat the Brattleboro Winter Overflow Shelter.

Singcrony, our female a cappella group, organized the concert, and we thank everyone who attended.

Additionally, we extend an especially warm thanks to the musicians and technicians who so graciously and enthusiastically gave of themselves to create an entertaining and moving afternoon of music and goodwill.

The extraordinary lineup of local vocal talent featured Scott Ainslie, Samirah Evans with Eugene Uman, Hannah Hoffman, House Blend, and Lisa McCormick with Julian McBrowne.

In the wings, Julian McBrowne worked his sound wizardry, and David Woodberry provided his stage management expertise.

Other stars behind the scenes include Lotus Graphics, which printed posters and postcards at no cost; Brattleboro Rotary Club, for a generous donation to the fund; and Karen Davis, for videotaping the event, which will be aired on BCTV soon.

The First Baptist Church has been housing the Winter Overflow Shelter for eight years. The beautiful old building is expensive to heat, and its members, who are committed to their mission of providing for people in need, must come up with $2,150 every month for heat alone. They are running out of money.

Anyone who couldn't get to the concert but who would like to make a contribution, may send a check to First Baptist Church (with “Heat Fund” designated) at 120 Main St., Brattleboro, VT 05301, or donate online at FirstBaptistChurchofBrattleboroVT.com.

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