Afrobeat band seeks new members

BRATTLEBORO — The Brattleboro-based 12-piece Afrobeat band, Alafia, is looking to audition lead singers (some backup as well), rhythm guitarists and set drummers.

Their repertoire includes Afrobeat covers (Fela Kuti, Antibalas) and some originals. Demo links are available at

If you know Yoruba or other West African languages, even if you're not singing, that's a bonus! The knowledge and experience is helpful, as the band wants to continue to develop its understanding of the cultural context of the music.

Jay Cook, one of the band members, says Alafia “hasn't gigged in about a year, unfortunately, due to personnel changes. But as we get back into it, we would like to practice a couple nights a month, and hope to gig once a month.”

Cook says the band rehearses in Brattleboro, and its gigs tend to be within an hour of Brattleboro.

“We enjoy what we do, and occasionally make some money (it's difficult when you're splitting the cut 12 ways.) Usually, we'll pull in $25 to $40 per person. It's not great, so it's really a labor of love. Our gigs are high energy, as folks love to dance at our shows, and this helps fuel us.”

Cook says prospective members should “send links of your playing or singing, if you have them, before we set up an audition time. This isn't completely necessary, but it gives us a glimpse of who you are before we meet.”

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