The problem goes beyond a Bernie blackout

It’s not that public radio is ignoring Bernie Sanders. The issue is that the mainstream media manages our obedience — and we let it happen.

PUTNEY — All of us have had the experience of waking the day after a horrific event, as reality replaces the sanctuary of sleep. In my opinion, that misty place is where the majority of us now exist in their consciousness.

I see too many people resistant to becoming fully awake, because sleep lulls the spiritual pain of being awake so well.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign have concerns with the lack of media coverage. I am thrilled with Bernie's delivery of a platform based on economic fairness. I see his campaign as a rewarding echo of the principles I am striving to engender in my work - principles that give many of us our daily passion.

To suggest that the government (what the awake call the “shadow government”) will stand by while Bernie saves the day for the rest of us describes a dangerous underestimation of the vile mercilessness of the components that are feeding our thoughts and our concepts, that are managing our obedience.

There is no accountability, no lawfulness, no mercy, no moral compass in the methods employed by these entities. They will not stop. They will not end - or they will start - war and devastation, create impoverishment, deliver mass incarceration, engineer drought, seed illness, feed disease, manifest species extinction, and direct full planetary toxification.

These entities shape your concepts through media of all kinds, especially by the news.

Vermont Public Radio delivers many excellent programs. But despite all its wonderful, informative, and interesting offerings, its news programs are the poorest source of information.

All major news sources are poor choices for truthful news. Since we are speaking about political news coverage, allow me to give you an example.

* * *

I ran for governor in three consecutive election cycles. In the second cycle (2012), while being barred from debates, I came in a distant third. I entered the next race (2014) as a Republican, much the same way that Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, is now running as a Democrat in the primaries.

While I hold progressive views similar to Bernie's, I found some common ground with the Republicans.

Vermont government itself coerces the populace with taxation, regulation, and intimidation, all while never addressing the core problems of a rigged U.S. monetary system.

This system operates on principles entirely contrary to equality, inalienable rights, or democracy. Those who rig the system will always have the upper hand to destroy peace, and it is exactly through destruction of peace that they keep it.

We, the middle and lower classes, in truth hold complete responsibility for creating corporate oppressors. How we spend our dollars is the real vote that matters to the elite, so weaning our choices from national brands and kicking the consumer holiday habit will empower the very health, peace, and prosperity we complain the elite hinders us from experiencing.

It's not laws, it's not elections, it's only purchases that really matter. We could entirely regroup our country from corruption through a weeklong boycott of all that isn't local.

I had a comprehensive platform, I had political experience, and I had passion as I entered the Republican race of 2014. I even had messy hair - not unlike Bernie.

The Republicans - and by that, I mean the three men who direct the party - were alarmed that I might end up with the nomination. They fished and scrambled and, at the very last minute (literally, on the very last day of submitting petitions), they came up with Scott Milne.

Scott is a fun guy, to be sure. Yet, he had no political platform, no experience, and not a heck of a lot of desire, either; it was his mother's idea for him to run.

But he did wear a suit and he did have a sausage (as I like to point out in my comedy act) - and that put the press in their comfort zone right away.

Immediately, all coverage of the governor's race featured Milne and Shumlin, in every paper and on every channel.

Within the space of three weeks, VPR was routinely naming Scott Milne as the “top tier” candidate. This concept was repeated at every juncture in all media, until it became fact. But it originated in a comment by a political “analyst,” a Republican appearing on one of the Burlington TV stations. It was not based on any poll or any democratic process.

VPR hires announcers for their honeyed, soothing voices, perfectly modulated to inspire calmness and a sense of peaceful control. The content of the news is devoid of truth. I listen to it only to hear what garbage they are feeding and to learn what the majority of you are eating up.

* * *

With regards to our recent 9/11 anniversary, I think it's appropriate to pose to readers: why have you never heard any one of the 2,349 professional engineers and architects of the nonprofit organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth interviewed on NPR? They have something different to say about what went down in New York City on that day.

Amy Goodman, the host of Democracy Now!, says she doesn't interview them because, according to one source I've seen, she “likes living.”

I direct people who are awake to Goddard College's radio station, WGDR, which has an excellent team of undercover reporters. Jim Hogue's House at Pooh Corner, for example, has interviews of whistleblowers worth paying attention to, and you can stream or hear archives.

On YouTube, Sofia Smallstorm's significant contributions, such as “9/11 Mysteries” and “Unraveling Sandy Hook in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions” are for those qualified to think independently.

Being one of the “sheeple” has its short-term comforts, but it won't give our grandchildren a thriving planet. I urge everyone to question the veracity of all major media and corporate products and remove their authority to shape your concepts.

Our planetary future depends on nothing less than a culmination of all your singular personal capacities to discern who is truly trustworthy and what is truth.

And, next, for us to collectively, act daily to recover our country from that corporate oppression.

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