Guilford briefs

Salvage yard's certificate approved

GUILFORD — GUILFORD - At its Sept. 28 regular meeting, the Selectboard unanimously voted to approve R.G. Winchester Auto's application for a salvage yard certificate.

Owner Ralph Winchester, in updating the board about conditions at his salvage yard, said he had been trying to renew his business's operating certificate, but some members of the board had questions before they would sign off on it.

The major concern expressed by the board was appearance.

When Winchester visited the meeting, he told town officials he had been working on cleaning the area and planned to move the remaining few trailers to the rear of the property by spring of 2016.

Board member Sheila Morse and Chair Anne Rider noted the yard's appearance had improved dramatically over the last few weeks.

Small business development considered

GUILFORD - In response to a series of meetings with the Vermont Council for Rural Development a few years ago, some residents decided to take on a few projects to improve the town.

One of them was to “focus on small business incubation space to reinvigorate the growth of the economy in Guilford,” Selectboard member Sheila Morse said, noting the ad hoc volunteer task force met in September.

Morse is part of that group, and she reported its progress to her board colleagues at their regular Sept. 28 meeting.

Task force members decided an Internet-related “needs survey” was the logical first step, and they will send one out to townspeople to assess their Internet speed, availability, usage, and needs.

“You can't do business out of your home without having the Internet,” Morse said.

Morse also noted the task force “can't do anything without knowing” what residents' Internet needs are.

Task force members also began discussing the possibility of co-working space, Morse said, and they will tackle that topic at an upcoming meeting.

The group's next meeting is at the Town Office on Monday, Oct. 19, at 6:30 p.m.

VLCT delegate appointed

GUILFORD - The Selectboard has unanimously voted to appoint board member Dick Clark as delegate to the annual business meeting of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns' (VCLT).

At the Sept. 28 regular meeting, board member Sheila Morse asked how the VLCT board prioritizes tasks and if they consider input from towns in making their to-do lists.

Morse asked Clark to bring that question to the VLCT's business meeting.

Halifax seeks sign

GUILFORD - The Selectboard has voted to give permission for a sign to point the way to Halifax for people traveling through town.

Selectboard member Dick Clark told his colleagues that officials from the neighboring town want a sign at the intersection of Green River Road and Hinesburg Road.

“They'll pay for it,” Clark said, noting Guilford will incur no expense related to the sign.

Paving complete

GUILFORD - At the Sept. 28 regular Selectboard meeting, Road Commissioner Dan Zumbruski reported paving along Weatherhead Hollow Road is complete.

Meeting rescheduled

GUILFORD - Selectboard Chair Anne Rider has announced that, due to the Columbus Day holiday, the regularly scheduled board meeting on Oct. 12 has been moved to Tuesday, Oct. 13, at noon.

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