Westminster briefs

Selectboard set to pick architect for Town Hall renovations

WESTMINSTER — WESTMINSTER - The Selectboard says 18 prospective architectural firms and designers responded to a request for proposals initiated in August for an architect to do proposed renovations to the Town Hall.

Of that number, eight submitted proposals. The Selectboard says it has been interviewing the top three candidates and hopes to announce its choice at the Oct. 14 meeting.

The current Town Hall was built in 1889 on the footprint of the original 1796 building, which burned. Westminster's plans include renovations to the first floor offices, as well accessibility changes to include an elevator from the first to second floors.

Many avenues are open for funding when an architect is finally chosen. The town voted in 2008 to renovate this building and has been setting aside small amounts to help fund the work.

Paving project about to begin

WESTMINSTER - The Selectboard notified Springfield Paving of their bid award for a 2.2-mile paving project that includes Westminster Heights Road and Coolidge Street.

Town Manager Russell Hodgkins said Springfield Paving “was the lowest per ton in place price,” and thus were selected at $68.90 per ton.

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