Nicki Steel’s ‘Hearts in Nature’ on display at Bartleby’s Books
“Love In The Air,” by Nikki Steel.

Nicki Steel’s ‘Hearts in Nature’ on display at Bartleby’s Books

WILMINGTON — Bartleby's Books will host its annual Nicki Steel photography exhibit, “Hearts in Nature” through March 1.

In addition to her interest in the Vermont landscape, animals, and gardens, Steel is often inspired to pursue a specific photographic theme. Several years ago she discovered patterns created by lichen on stone, inspiring a heart-shaped image entitled, “I'm Lichen You.” Next, a heart-shaped tree trunk gouge lead to the creation of her photograph, “Wood You Love Me?”

Steel's collection, “Hearts in Nature” is continually growing. As the artist explained, “This series really combines things that I treasure - Love. . . love of nature and love of photography and, while perfect for Valentine's Day, these photos appeal to the senses any time of year.”

Steel's photography will be on display at Bartleby's Books during the month of February. Cards, mini-mats, enlargements, and collages will be available.

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