Putney briefs

FY15 audit now complete

PUTNEY — PUTNEY - John Mudgett, of the accounting firm Mudgett Jennett & Krough-Wisner PC, appeared at the Jan. 13 Selectboard meeting to review the draft findings of Putney's Fiscal Year 2015 audit.

Of the town's administrative staff, Mudgett said, “You guys are doing a good job” tracking money “that's coming and going, and you're getting things recorded, for the most part, quite well.”

Some of the procedures Mudgett said needed improvement are the reporting of information to the IRS, the handling of dog licenses, and identification of restrictions on cemetery fund money.

“Last year we were writing about dog fees. This year we're writing about IRS amounts,” Mudgett said. “There's kind of a global issue there: making sure reports are filed in a timely manner,” he added, advising the town to come up with “a set of controls or oversight” to identify what reports need to be filed, and when.

The town “needs a second set of eyes,” Mudgett said, to ensure IRS deadlines are met.

Town Manager Cynthia Stoddard reminded board members they have the authority to make a “management response,” such as ordering a specific employee to open the mail so notices don't get lost. Mudgett agreed, adding the board has the authority to implement procedures for the town manager and the treasurer.

Board Vice-Chair Josh Laughlin assured Mudgett, “we will work with our town manager and come up with an appropriate management plan."

IRS fees abated

PUTNEY - Town Manager Cynthia Stoddard announced at the Jan. 13 Selectboard meeting that the IRS has abated fees, penalties, and interest the town owed for the late submission of the 2011 W-2 forms.

Stoddard said some fees are still unresolved.

Affordable Housing Committee gets new member

PUTNEY - Putney resident Katie Bowen recently expressed to the Selectboard her interest in serving on the Affordable Housing Committee.

At the Jan. 13 meeting, board members unanimously voted her in.

Town Manager Cynthia Stoddard said the committee still seeks new members, especially those who have never served on it before.

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