Schwenk would bring younger voice to Brattleboro Selectboard

BRATTLEBORO — I wholeheartedly endorse Avery Schwenk for the Brattleboro Selectboard. His presence on the board would bring vitality and a much needed perspective from younger Brattleboro citizens.

Mr. Schwenk is a newcomer to local civic affairs, but he brings, in spades, all the personal attributes one should expect from a person in the position he seeks. He's very bright and both eager and quick to learn. He speaks of a genuine interest in Brattleboro and has a well-formed sense of the value of community.

My brief acquaintance with him clearly showed a level of responsiveness and a reassuring and comforting level of humility, sense of self and sense of humor. We can't know the tenor of his decisions until he has had a chance to become fully informed on the issues as they come before the Selectboard, but he begins with all the tools and qualities requisite for the responsibilities.

The world is never going to be like most old-timers thought it would be, and are still trying - laboriously and fruitlessly - to make it become. The young are beginning to see a very different reality and future. It is their world, and when one of their numbers steps up to shoulder responsibility and demonstrates the capability, it is time for stubborn old traditionalists to shift to background roles of trust and support.

Avery Schwenk appears as ready, willing, and capable as any young man I've met. Voting for Mr. Schwenk is a statement of confidence and the passing of the torch. It is a good bet that our community will be rewarded.

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