State senator’s attention to Townshend: not the norm

TOWNSHEND — At Town Meeting in Townshend, I made an error in a statement that I made about the lack of visits from Windham County senators.

Senator Becca Balint was there, and I - and the rest of those in attendance - thanked her for understanding that Townshend was part of Windham County and for actually dropping by for Town Meeting. She came with State Representative Emily Long.

Later in the day, when I saw former Windham County Senator Peter Galbraith, I realized that I had made an error.

Peter did, indeed, attend some Town Meetings as a senator. I was just used to seeing him as a fellow resident, so his attendance was not notable when he was there in an official capacity. It was pretty much “Peter.”

For this error, I most definitely apologize. Peter, thank you for your service to Townshend as a senator from Windham County. I know I and many others appreciate it, and I sincerely apologize for my error.

But that does not negate my original statement in its entirety. Townshend is not a destination for Windham County senators - nor, to be honest, much in their thoughts, it would seem.

So I wish to, again, thank Senator Balint for attending the meeting and for the time she has already spent in this, her first year, on behalf of the people in Townshend. This is not “normal.”

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