BMH’s Debi Lynch is named Employee of the Year
Debi Lynch, Payroll Specialist and Administrative Assistant for Finance, has been named BMH’s Employee of the Year. At right is BMH President and CEO Steve R. Gordon.

BMH’s Debi Lynch is named Employee of the Year

BRATTLEBORO — Brattleboro Memorial Hospital President and CEO Steve R. Gordon recently announced that Debi Lynch, Payroll Specialist and Administrative Assistant for Finance, has been named BMH's Employee of the Year.

The annual award is always a closely guarded secret until the winner is announced at the annual Ice Cream Social that caps off BMH's Employee Appreciation Week.

Gordon presented Lynch with her award after first dropping a number of hints throughout his speech highlighting her 25 years of service to the hospital, and the numerous accolades she has received from her co-workers.

“This year's Employee of the Year is someone we all depend on, often without giving it much thought,” said Gordon in his speech. “The fact that they do their job exceptionally well makes a huge difference in each of our lives.”

Nominated by her colleagues, Lynch was recognized for her extraordinary work ethic and personal integrity.

“Debi's commitment to our patients and providing excellent customer service routinely earns her the praise of patients and colleagues,” said Robin Heald, BMH's Vice President for Human Resources. “In her 25 years of service to BMH, she's earned a reputation for rock-solid reliability, impeccable attention to detail, and a consistent desire to do the right thing.”

“Much of what Debi does is time-sensitive and affects every person in this organization,” added Michael O. Rogers, BMH's Chief Financial Officer. “She sets a very high bar for herself, knowing that others are depending on her, and she consistently applies the highest standards of quality to her work.”

Lynch is well known throughout the hospital as a great source of information, always going out of her way to be a helpful resource for her colleagues, answering dozens of questions each day with patience, accuracy, and good humor. She is also known for being very active in her community church and bible study group, delivering meals to members when they are ill or in need of assistance.

Before revealing Lynch's identity, Gordon wrapped up his remarks by saying “This person represents the finest qualities of a BMH employee - compassion, concern for others and a commitment to excellence in everything they do.”

He then went on to point out to the assembled BMH employees what many may consider the most important aspect of Lynch's job: “Debi gets us all paid!”

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