Express Fluency to offer language training for educators

BRATTLEBORO — Express Fluency, an innovative language school based in Brattleboro, is offering two-to-five-day intensive language classes in Spanish, French, and Latin this summer.

Teachers from throughout the United States will be coming to Brattleboro to learn these teaching methods in the summer teacher-training program.

Express Fluency's unique approach to learning a language has helped thousands of people, including many who had been unsuccessful in conventional language classes, gain proficiency quickly and easily, according to a news release.

“Our classes make learning a language feel effortless and fun,” Elissa McLean, the founder and director of Express Fluency, said in the news release. “Students absorb comprehensible language, and then speak, at their own pace. Our students leave with not only stronger language skills, but also increased confidence and engagement with the language.”

Beginning and intermediate Spanish, beginning French, and beginning Latin classes will be offered Aug. 11-17 at the Marlboro Graduate Center. These classes are open to both teens and adults.

Sabrina Janczak, 2016 Colorado foreign-language teacher of the year, will teach French, while Justin Slocum Bailey, of Indwellling Language in Ann Arbor, Mich., will teach Latin. McLean will teach beginner Spanish and Laurie Clarcq of Ithaca, N.Y., will teach intermediate Spanish.

“I am thrilled to be bringing master language teachers to Brattleboro to teach in our summer program,” McLean said. “They are all international presenters on best practices in language education and experts in creating a learning environment that fosters joyful and successful learning.”

The teacher-training program enables World Language teachers to learn more about these cutting-edge methods. Teachers participate in the language classes as well as workshops and guided practice in the approach.

Response from language teachers has been enthusiastic. Melissa Cahnmann-Taylor, professor of language and literacy education at the University of Georgia, wrote, “I have never seen students so engaged and making such speedy and expansive progress as the five-day workshop I observed!”

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