Lisman will wake Vermont from perpetual slumber

WILMINGTON — I'm voting for Bruce Lisman in the Aug. 9 Republican primary contest for governor and hope that other voters will do the same.

I feel this is the year when an outsider and non-politician has the best chance of changing Vermont for the better. It would be exciting to have a governor who won't reward his political cronies but will seek the best-quality people to serve our state.

Bruce's opponent, Phil Scott, seems like a good person, but he has served years as lieutenant governor and in the Legislature without providing meaningful opposition to the one-party system that has kept Vermont in a perpetual slumber.

We need a new vision for improving Vermont's finances and broadcasting our many benefits. We have an amazing opportunity to attract more residents, but we have an uphill battle, given the lack of leadership at the top.

It's way past time to take a fresh look at financing education, the unrealistic rate of spending at the state level, and the current administration's fondness for novel and untested programs. Why in the world would a state of 625,000 residents spend hundreds of millions on computer systems that don't work?

Bruce is a thoughtful person who listens to others' ideas without being doctrinaire. When I met him (and supported his Campaign for Vermont), I was impressed with his knowledge of our state and its challenges. His support for the ideas of others is genuine, and I especially appreciate his call to repeal Act 46 and to support school choice for all students and parents.

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