BRATTLEBORO — The headline to a letter from Bob DePino of Westminster in the special election letters section in last week's Commons should have read “DePino and Cutler stand strong for gun rights.” DePino's wife, Bonnie, will join Eddie Cutler in running as Republicans for the two-representative Windham-4 district, which spans Westminster, Putney, and Dummerston.

The headline, obviously in error, accidentally referenced Connie Baxter, another letter writer who criticized both candidates.

My apologies to our readers - and to both our letter writers - for the confusion and the lapse. We look forward to spirited conversations about these legislative seats in the upcoming weeks leading up to the general election, and we look forward to publishing your letters to help fuel the conversation - this time, with accurate headlines.

On another note, we have a huge backlog of letters and commentary from readers and regular contributors alike. We appreciate all your contributions to these pages - and your patience.

-Jeff Potter, editor

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