A rationalizing argument against a shelter’s placement

I would also like to see the writer's source for the number and nature of the police calls she describes. I would also ask her to bear in mind that homeless individuals are vulnerable by virtue of their homelessness and may already suffer from vulnerabilities that lent to their homelessness (struggles with mental health, substances, economic insecurity, age, etc.).

From that standpoint, those numbers - if accurate - most likely reflect that vulnerability, while her perspective seems to suggest a prejudice against the moral character of shelter residents in general.

Homelessness and the vulnerabilities associated with it are a hard and unpleasant reality to encounter and address, but it is a task that needs to be done and have a place to be done.

This kind of rationalizing argument against a shelter's placement in a neighborhood just enhances the barriers faced by the homeless population and shifts the responsibility of caring for these folks into the wild blue yonder (a “more appropriate area” - another neighborhood - that will likely demonstrate the same resistance).

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