Outrageous bias

NEWFANE — Ironic, isn't it, that you chose not to print my letter opposing the Newfane Town Office building bond vote, yet you saw fit to publish Wendy M. Levy's supposed “news” article, which didn't even pretend to hide its bias toward the other side of the issue?

I'm certainly not naive enough to believe that bias doesn't seep into the media's presentation of the news, but The Commons has embarrassed itself with this article, which completely ignores all the valid reasons that the voters of Newfane had for defeating the bond issue.

Ms. Levy should be ashamed of herself for writing such a clearly one-sided piece. And you should be ashamed of yourself for publishing it. What a slap in the face both to journalism and your readers!

While I have no illusion that this will happen, I challenge you to print this letter and to apologize to your readers, especially the voters of Newfane, for such outrageous bias.

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